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ThingsInks-new-strapline1Things & Ink published its final print issue in the fall of 2015, The Horror Issue (#12), and will now exist as an online presence with blog posts and in the world with special art exhibitions and events.  I was sad to hear the news that we would no longer print magazines, but I understood my editor’s reasons for the decision and was happy to hear we were not just disappearing.  I must say that I am so proud of what we have accomplished in 2 years.

This final issue is absolutely stunning, we are going out with a bang (definitely not a whimper).  My article for this issue features the tattoo work of Róbert Borbás of Rooklet Ink and Grindesign, some photos from the Giger Museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland (the place every lover of horror must go), and a discussion about loving and being drawn to dark imagery:  tattoos, philosophy, Alfred Hitchcock, and Giger … Boo!  One of my favourite topics to explore phenomenologically!

Previous issues included Stripped Back (#9; three covers available), The Anatomy Issue (#10), and Fruity (#11).  Photos of these covers can be found below.  For Stripped Back, I wrote the final update to my chest tattoo and discussed its significance; concerning the Anatomy issue, I checked in with my good friend, brilliant photographer and artist Richard Sawdon Smith (The Anatomical Man); and regarding Fruity, I interviewed French graffiti and tattoo artist Fuzi about his ignorant style and talked about ‘shits & giggles’ tattoos.

There are still some back issues available of Things & Ink, as well as some tote bags, t-shirts and other fun items.  Go to our website to find our which issues are still available and grab them up while you can.  I’ll be sure to post about all our happenings and events here as well.

I will continue to blog for Things & Ink and I am very excited to say that I will also be writing for a Polish tattoo magazine, Tatuaż.  My first piece, a collaboration with my good friend Les Barany, is an interview with a young and super talented New Zealand illustration artist named Dina Wuest. Her Maori-inspired drawings make beautiful tattoo art, and I’m quite sure you will see them on skin very soon.  Check out her Etsy page and look for the issue to appear later this year.


Things & Ink Issue 2 “The Face Issue” is out & for sale!!

Things & Ink @ The Brighton Tattoo Convention

Things & Ink @ The Brighton Tattoo Convention

Issue 2, aka The Face Issue, is now available – online at newsstand & through select shops in the UK (check our website for the list).
It came out in time for the Brighton Convention & in short, it is fucking fabulous! It’s a stunner & its beauty is deeper than the fantastic photography & cover lady/tattooist Cassandra Frances.
Meatier than the launch issue page-wise & bursting at the seams with insightful & provocative articles, it will surely set your world afire! Get yours now.


Things & Ink Launch Day is Here!!

Things & Ink:  The Launch Issue CoverAs of today, you can order the very first issue of Things & Ink if you live in the UK. Information on ordering/subscribing for rest of Europe and North America will be available shortly. Click on the link here for details about ordering/subscribing to the magazine and a very cool video of the cover shoot.

The Cover photo is a modern reproduction of a famous photo of Artoria Gibbons (born Anna Mae Burlingston), infamous sideshow tattooed lady from Wisconsin. If you don’t know who Artoria Gibbons was, click here to read all about her.Artoria Gibbons

The beautiful woman posing for our cover is the talented London tattoo artist, Claudia de Sabe. You can read and follow her fantastic blog here.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again — I’m so proud to be a part of this project, a tattoo magazine I am proud to read and purchase (one that doesn’t look like a thinly veiled porn magazine). So many talented people are involved with this magazine, it’s an honour to have my work appear with theirs. It’s also been an honour and a pleasure to work alongside the brilliant and creative Alice Snape!

I think it is safe to say this magazine is a real game changer, and in so many ways (you’ll have to buy it to see what I mean). A new bar has been set, and the response will be interesting and fascinating to see. I am very interested to see the response from women, and from the gay community. My hope is that all those people who have felt left out or cast aside by tattoo literature currently available will feel welcomed and accepted with Things & Ink – you see, appreciation of all things tattoo culture knows no boundaries or limits. It doesn’t count the number of tattoos you have (in fact 0 is fine), it doesn’t require women to be a size 2 and look like a well-endowed porn star, it doesn’t say being cool is buying Ed Hardy $125 T-shirts, and it doesn’t focus mostly on the heterosexual aspects of ink. Tattoo culture is for ANYONE with an open mind and an interest. So be a part of the revolution in tattoo literature – get your copy of Things & Ink. 🙂

Things & Ink

Another little teaser ….

Today Alice released a little teaser about the Things and Ink magazine cover. It’s gonna be awesome. 🙂

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