“What the fuck happened?!” Video by Henk of the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum

It’s awful and it’s a real shit-show if I have EVER seen one.
If you can help in any way, please do. Even if you just share this video or the information about this situation with your friends, that is showing support. If you can do more, that is fantastic. Whether you are in the tattoo community as an artist or as a bearer, or simply someone interested in tattoo culture, your support is important, it is wanted and needed. We cannot lose this museum, and Henk and the staff cannot fight this alone. So, this is a ‘call to duty’ in many ways.

The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum is invaluable like any other museum in this world. It holds examples of human created art, as well as the evolution of that art form. Just because its collection has a focus on tattoos (ink applied to human flesh) does not make it any less valuable or any less worthy of reverence. It showcases a collection of art that is an essential aspect and glimpse of human culture, the history of human thought, meaning, and artistic expression. In this way, it is just like the famous celebrated museums of the world – the Louvre, the Tate, and the ROM. Human skin as a canvas does not and should not ever entail that tattoos are less art objects than the Mona Lisa, or less worthy of being appreciated as part of our culture heritage and development as a species (in this way they are anthropological). This museum is important and it must survive. Give Henk and the crew the support they need, and be a part of keeping the museum open and alive. Usually the bumper sticker says “make art, not war” but in this case we must fight for art’s sake – to make it, to show it, to know it.

The Amsterdam Museum Staff

Amsterdam Museum staff hard at work – Another day at the office.


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