Things and Ink @ the London Tattoo Convention This Weekend

Come by and say hi at the London Convention. Our table is in the vault — V51.
More information about the London Convention can be found here.


Another little teaser ….

Today Alice released a little teaser about the Things and Ink magazine cover. It’s gonna be awesome. 🙂

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Jessie Knight, England's First Professional Lady Tattooist

Things and Ink: A compendium of thoughts in ink

So proud and honoured to be a part of this project as a permanent contributor.  My first piece is on pin-up boys and old school tradition. 

Finally, a magazine that will appeal to women, to LBGT, to those with few or no tattoos,to those who seek something a little more academic and insightful, to those who want an artsy (not porny) look at the skin, culture, and art of tattoo …. basically, we seek to appeal to those who just are unimpressed or not into the tattoo magazines currently available.  People just like us.

So, click on the link above for a little sneak peak and the issue will be out in November. 



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