Tattoo Art History Session @ OU, UK

Image Today i spent an entire day with like-minded individuals, people who are wonderfully obsessed with tattoos and who love to theorize about them – aesthetically, philosophically, historically, anthropologically, sociologically, etc.  The most amazing day I have had in ages, and by far the most entertaining, enlightening, and curiosity-peaked I’ve been in a long time.  Excellent job and 1,000,000,000,000 kudos to Gemma Angel and Matt Lodder for organizing it and running it smoothly.  When Gadamer spoke of the hermeneutic collective and the horizon of meaning concerning art (belonging to something much larger than myself with regards to meaning, being apart of the community – see Gadamer blogs from earlier), he had no idea at the time how large this horizon was concerning the art of tattoo: Just today alone, I’ve seen pictures of preserved human skins (including some castrated man’s furniture-like stuffed body pinned to a door), a man with anatomical tattoos that ran a small move where he juxtaposed the extraction of blood by a nurse and a tattoo gun inking his very same arm (amazing stuff, and he had other wonderful film bits and pics), I’ve learned all about the Cook Myth, examples of pilgrimage tattoos that were stencilled on with wood blocks (very cool), and I learned of a man coming up with an algorithm for the aging of tattoos (the blurring effect) and what this will mean for Lady Gaga.  These various aspects and things mixed with art theory, cultural theory, philosophy, self-reflection, photography, and often some humour and engaging dialogue … My mind was totally blown.  I think the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary community of tattoo academics has been birthed, and will be working as a collective for a while.  Stay tuned for the most amazing ride from this group.  🙂        Image


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