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Check out Matt Lodder, if you don’t know already who he is. He is an art historian, a heavily tattooed one at that, and he specializes in the application of art-historical methodologies to tattooing. His PhD thesis, ‘Body Art: Body Modification as Artistic Practice’, is available to download for free via the British Library, (search – Lodder).

I am posting about Lodder not only because he is a cool guy, but he recently contacted me (and the others who contributed to the volume on Tattoos and Philosophy) about an upcoming book project that looks really interesting and informative. I figured i’d share.

Tattoo Art History by Matt Lodder
(IB Tauris, forthcoming 2014.)
This book charts the history of tattooing as an artistic practice in Europe and America, from its beginnings in seafaring and religious communities in the 16th and 17th centuries, through its period as an elaborate and fashionable preserve of aristocrats in the 19th century to its seeming ubiquity at the beginning of the 21st. By focussing on tattooing’s status as an art form, by considering the role of key tattoo artists, and by examining developments in form, genre, style and technology, the book presents a unique art historical perspective on a fascinating method of art making which has for so long been misunderstood.

He is also hosting a panel called Tattoo Art History, at the Association of Art Historian’s Annual Conference in the UK in 2012. The CFP has just been released, and can be found if you click on the link above.

He’s been featured on the awesome blog Alice th’ink

A HUGE thanks to Matt, for the awesome work he’s doing.

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