Last of the Left

Above my Godlike/Zarathustra-style tattoo is a piece I had done in 1997 (finished in 1998). It’s in need of some touch up, some of the black in the flames has faded and is looking streaky, but for being nearly 14 years old and never having been touched up it has held up well.

A number of years ago

This is one of the tattoos I got because I felt like it, aka no other deep meaning besides the fact I liked all three elements that constitute it. It’s a skull with bat wings over its eyes, like a mask, surrounded by flames, and all in black/grey (colour would have been too cheesy). I drew it myself, over a lunch break from classes one snowy day during my undergrad years. Philosophically it really means nothing, existentially maybe it’s a reminder of my punky-gothy younger days (I say ‘younger days’ because I still love all the same music, I just don’t have a dyed mohawk any longer, or wear a spiky dog collar as my daily jewelry, or copious amount of dark make-up), but really it’s just there because I felt like it at that moment. A “just because” tattoo, you could say. At some point over the next year or two I will fill the rest of my upper arm in, the bare parts around the flames and onto my shoulder-blade, and at that time I will have the flames re-inked as well. Note: This tattoo is not easy to take a picture of because it moves with my shoulder and arm muscles, so at times it appears crooked or it’s expression changes slightly depending on my arm position.
And I should say thanks to Laurie @ Nighthawk for realizing my drawing into ink. 🙂

As he stands now

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