Future Publication News

FYI to my readers ….
The entries I did on Gadamer will be included in a paper that will appear in a book sometime in 2013 – Tattoos & Philosophy: I Ink, Therefore I am (Philosophy For Everyone series). I am co-authoring this paper with Tanya Rodriguez (John Jay College, CUNY). So excited!! Tanya and I work well together, so this should be a blast (and it’s not often that writing a paper is fun).

The abstract we submitted that was approved looks like this:

Fleshy Canvas: The Aesthetics of Tattoo
Tattoos challenge traditional philosophy of art by demanding that we expand the core conceptions of aesthetic experience, interpretation of meaning, and the judgment of beauty. To understand how tattoos express meaning, one must consider more than final product or pure form, for an illustrated body is more than just painted canvas. The tattoo is a dialogical art form that engages several elements: the artist, the subject, the subject’s body as canvas, as well as community, which serves as context and audience to the artwork.
Contrary to canonical western aesthetics, we argue that one is never a disinterested onlooker when approached by art; one is deeply affected, altered. The relationship art provides is ongoing and deep; it is filled with meaning. Tattoos invoke a unique kind of aesthetic experience in that they create a dialogue where understanding is constantly re-negotiated. In this paper, we apply the hermeneutical aesthetics of Hans-Georg Gadamer to the experience of tattoos, and consider feminist conceptions of beauty by Peg Brand and Marcia Muelder Eaton. Drawing upon the tradition of Kant and Hume, then breaking away from its commitments, we argue that tattoos can be deemed something of beauty and worthy of being considered art.

I will be back to my usual blogging soon, once I manage to get through a conference and a pile of work that requires immediate attention. A philosopher’s work is never done, and sadly that is even true for an unemployed philosopher … the pile of ‘stuff’ seems to regenerates itself as if it has Logos.
Stay tuned.

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