The art of my left arm pt. 2 …

Blinded by great music ... The inside of my left arm is based on a newer KMFDM album cover — KMFDM vs. Skold (2009), and you do see a bit of it in my “about me” picture. I not only love the music on this album, but the artwork reminded me of my roots in philosophy … so a bit of nostalgia you could say. When i began my philosophy education, I looked very much like that girl — I had died black hair (I did wear pigtails occasionally) and I smoked (as all philosophers seem to at one time, it goes so well with the cup of coffee, the cafe chair, and the existentialism). But instead of just copying the artwork exactly, I asked Wayne to make her hair blonde, purple and black … all three colours of hair I had during my university education (the varying lengths and styles was too insane really, too demanding), and the blindfold I had him change the lettering to say “Ontology”. This of course lead to a conversation of what ontology was. Since I started studying ontology what seems like a long time ago, I have been captivated by it … as if blindfolded by it. The unanswered questions, the puzzles and mysteries … the tons of attempts at answering them. The same can be said for Philosophy in general for me: I see it everywhere and in all things, and I love its mysteries and puzzles, the grey areas we can dwell in, and I love the dialogue between philosophers. So yes, I am blinded by philosophy …. not science as Thomas Dolby would want me to be.

Blinded by Ontology


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  1. Plot Hole
    May 22, 2012 @ 23:49:58

    I really enjoy this blog, I also aspire to become a tattooed philosopher one day.


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